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Backup systems: opinions wanted


	How do people backup their machines? What packages do you use?
 How do the backends (dd, dump/restore tar afio/cpio) compare wrt
 reliability/ease of use? [dd is just for completeness.] I would like
 a full backup, so I guess tar is out as a backend (can't handle
 special files). I guess I would like to hear abot dump vs afio. 

       Tar                          |     cpio / afio
can't handle special files.         |may get confused with multiple
                                    |hard links.  
One copy of hard-linked files, but  |Many copies of hardlinked files, 
can retrieve file using that one    |but can be restored using any 
name only.                          |of the names
Uses checksums.                     |No checksums
stops at first sign of corruption   | Skips over corrupted area
Blocked to start on a record        |
boundary                            |
headers always 512 bytes            |Efficient use of space for headers

	The last time I dealt with backups, I was backing up 30
 machines remotely to a tape drive like the moster ones in all the
 70's movies, using a mess of home grown scripts and dump/restore. 

	I'd rather not have to re-write the scripts (haven't things
 gotten easier in the last decade?), so I'm now looking for backup
 solutions where I don't have to write the scripts. I have come up
 with the following (based entirely on the descriptions)
 Amanda: Powerful. Reassuringly, it seems to use dump/restore, which I
         understand. Knows which tape and where on the tape to look
         for to restore a file (I like that). Cons: Overkill for a
         single machine.

 afbackup: Again, client server, which I don't need; says it should be
           easy to use on just one machine. goes to end of tape
           automatically. Hmm. tape marks written (I assume that's
           what the description is trying to say). No idea what the
           backend is -- afio?

 dump:    An old friend. I used to do tower of hanoi backups -- has
          dump levels, is integrated in (even fstab format caters to
          dump/restore). Requires book keeping. Reliability of Linux

 tob:     tar/afio. full/differential/incremental backups, determines
           size beforehand

 floppybackup: Well, I have a tape.

 taper:   selection using mouseless commander? recursively selected
          dirs are supported? This does not sound like what I need to
          backup several *partitions*.


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