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Re: Another X problem

On Thu, 04 Dec 1997, Paul Rightly wrote:
> I successfully reinstalled Debian on my Thinkpad 365XD.
> Once I got a PCMCIA modem and got this laptop "connected," I upgraded it to the
> lastest in stable (this moved X from 3.2 to 3.3).  I cannot get X to work
> correctly now.  When I "startx" I see this screen but it is very garbled with a
> lot of horizontal lines and noise.  I tried to correct it with a new XF86Config,
> but that did not help.  The only thing that I tried that worked was downgrading
> X back to 3.2.  Is there a way that I can successfully use X 3.3 on my laptop?

I have the same system.  Support for the ThinkPad 365XD by Xfree86 3.2
was never very good.  The "upgrade" to 3.3 broke this and many other
configurations as well I believe, since they quickly released the 3.3.1
fix.  This is the version that I'm using right now.  Only the unstable
distribution has 3.3.1, however, so if you want to take advantage of it,
you also need to make the dreaded libc5->libc6 transition.  It's not all
that painful, really; just follow Scott Ellis' *excellent* HOWTO, which
is posted here regularly.

If you're not quite ready to make the leap to libc6, you can grab the
3.3.1 SVGA server from ftp.xfree86.org and use that together with the
rest of the 3.3 packages in bo.  If you're reluctant to use a non-Debian
package, you could keep the 3.2 server but upgrade everything else to
3.3.  You'll have to gunzip the Xfonts if you do this, since the 3.2
Xserver only handles compress'd but not gzip'd fonts.

Good luck!


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