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Re: CONT2:Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!!

On Sun, 7 Dec 1997, Liran Zvibel wrote:

> > I tried to configure PPP/SLIP (my ISP is IBM). When I try to use minicom
> > to connect it does make the sound but that is the last thing it does with
> > the modem, I mean that, I see no CONNECT message nor anything else. I
> > don't see any prompt from the server even when I try to type something. 
> >

Since you have setup X, you should give xisp a try. Get the debian package
Read the "General Info" from the xisp help menu.

Configure a ISP entry and try a dialin.

If you have trouble, insert "debug" into /etc/options.xisp and try again.

Then check /var/log/ppp.log.

If you can't find the problem, post the relevant part of the logfile to
the list. Also tell us, if you use PAP or manual login.


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