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Re: 3FA: ???

At 14:49 6/12/97 -0500, Carl Mummert wrote:
>I always get 4FA:, but only if I hit <Left Shift> BEFORE the lilo
>prompt appears.  But if I hit enter at the 4FA: prompt, the lilo
>prompt appears.  If I hit shift after LILO: appears, everythings is
>I always assumed this was a bios thing, but I have absolutely no idea
>of the real cause.

The Way I worked it out:

I used to get 1FA: If i hit Shift before my default OS booted (MS-DOG).
After hitting 1, DOS would boot - On My 1st (1) partition. Hitting F would
cause the machine to attempt to boot off of a (F)loppy. Hitting A would
bring up a new prompt: 1234F: (I think) 1 would boot DOS 2 Would boot Linux.
but linux was on /dev/hda7  (/dev/hda5-8 are extended Partitions, hda1 is
my only primary) so my next assumption was each number represented the next
available bootable partition. (my /dev/hda7 had the bootable flag toggled).
As for 3 and 4.. Nothing happened ?? F would try the floppy again.

Thats my deciphering, I felt like sharing it :)


Im currently not on the list, as I am away from home for the holidays :)

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