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Re: $TERM = "xterm" acting funny on non-linux terms

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Galen Hazelwood wrote:

> This is not as clear-cut a case as you might think.  The problem with
> the xterm is not that it is linux-specific, it's that it's too new for
> many old X windows systems out there.  I feel that asking people with
Yes.  And many people who administrate systems such as those simply refuse
to use more up-to-date alternatives like "rxvt".  In the interim,  I've
downloaded the debian source rxvt package and compiled it in my home
directory on the Solaris machines I have to use sometimes,  and use that
in place of the sun Xterm.  The system administrators aren't interested in
installing it by default,  it seems.

> hardship, when it gives us the advantage of up-to-date support "out of
I agree.  I wasn't concerned about the buginess, but just wanted to make
sure my system was behaving as it was to be expected to.


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