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clueless people on debian-user

> My students were messing around with my classroom computer, and now I 
> have stuff all over the place.  I can't get everything back in proper 
> order.  What do I do?

This is obviously a windows user. Because of postings like this,
and because of all the spam we are getting and all of the clueless
people who mail to our personal mailboxes, there has been a clamor
to shut down the news gateway and go to mailing-list-only distribution
of the Debian lists. To compound the problem the news gateway has
been stripping out the X-No-Archive header, and the operator is too busy
to fix it for now. Also, some web archives do not honor that header at all.

I think having our lists on news benefits us, and we can tolerate the spam
and the mis-directed mail. What do you think?


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