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Re: CD-ROM Problem

kc8chq@juno.com (Robert C. Russell) writes:

> My problem is that when I get to dselect and choose CD-ROM and enter for
> the block device "/dev/scd0" and return I get the following output:
> scsi 0: watchdog timer fired in NCR5380_()
> scsi 0: switching target 1 lun 0 return code = 7000
> CD-ROM i/o error: dev 0b:00, sector 64
> kernel panic: scsi_free: trying to free unused memory
> My scsi card is a Trantor 128, CD-ROM is an ancient NEC Intersect 73(1X).

The CD-ROM brand shouldn't matter.

Can you look at the output of "dmesg" and see what hardware the kernel
detects?  Type Alt-F2, press Enter, then type "dmesg | more" and look
at what gets printed for the SCSI cards getting detected.  Make sure
you're not loading the wrong modules.

> I've been told by an IBM mainframe guy that Linux is for "hobbyists" and
> may never
> run.

Just a few years ago you could say the same about any computer that
would fit on a desk.  (I've still got that ZX81 - broken - in the
bottom of a drawer.)

OTOH, an AS/400 would fit on a desk, but it wouldn't leave much space.

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              to people who spend a lot of time indoors."  - Gregory Benford

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