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Re: $TERM = "xterm" acting funny on non-linux terms

>>>>> "Will" == Will Lowe <harpo@udel.edu> writes:

    Will> I recently synced up my Debian machine with the unstable
    Will> tree on ftp.debian.org.  Now if I connect to my linux box
    Will> inside a non-linux xterm (non xterm-color, from a Sun
    Will> machine, for example), all the text comes out in reverse
    Will> video, which makes reading mail, viewing anything with
    Will> "less", etc, kinda painful.

I noticed this too. Setting my term to xterm-r6 solved the problem.

I think you or I should submit a bug report on the ncurses-term
package -- its xterm terminfo entry is Linux-specific. The xterm-r6
entry is correct, and works for both Linux and non-Linux xterms.

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