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Re: allow mount to normal user

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Paul Serice wrote:

> Adam Klein wrote:
> "man mount" and search for the following language:
>               Note  that  the  auto  type may be useful for user-
>               mounted floppies.
> Make sure you're putting "auto" in the right place.  For example,
> /dev/scd0  /cdrom      iso9660  ro,suid,dev,exec,noauto,user,async 0 1
> /dev/fd0   /floppy     auto     rw,suid,dev,exec,noauto,user,sync  0 0
>                        ^^^^                      ^^^^^^
> This definitely works for me as far as auto detecting ext2 or vfat
> floppies via the KDE floppy mount icon (or the rustic command line).
> Something else I've learned is that if you plan on using auto, I
> would recompile your kernel to exclude "msdos" support but include
> "vfat" support.  The reason is that "auto" will check first for msdos
> 8.3 format.  Because vfat floppies meet the criteria, they will be
> mounted as 8.3.  If you compile out msdos support, you'll be able to
> mount the floppies as vfat.

Shouldn't a bug report be filed against mount? It only makes sense for mount 
auto to check in the order Specific -> Generic, not the other way round.

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