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couldn't match host name or address

When I try to dial my ISP using /etc/ppp.chatscript in my ppp.log file I

get this message:

Dec 24 09:52:42 speedy chat[827]: ATDT7454342(a carrot goes here)M
Dec 24 09:52:42 speedy chat[827]: Couldn't match host name or address -
please try again(carrot goes here)M

There is nothing after this. It is the last entry in the log.  To see
the exact results, goto http://www.iconmedia.com/aaron/ppplog.gif
Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Aaron Walker

      Site: http://www.iconmedia.com
      Email: aaron@iconmedia.com

      Site: http://www.iconmedia.com/aaron
      Email: root@iconmedia.com

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