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CONT2:Debian Installation Problem, PLEASE HELP!!!

It's me again, thanks for all the help last week!
I have few more problems now:
(BTW: I re-installed the whole system - The problem I couldn't install the
kernel source was that my /usr part. was too small. so now it's 410 MB, I
hope it's enough. I was even able to re-compile the kernel!!!)
 I was able to configure X, the only problem is that if I
tell the Setup program that my Monitor is SVGA the resolution is too
small, and if I tell it I have non-interlaced the fonts are so small that
they are hardly readable. Is there a way to fine-tune the resolution?

Before I reinstalled I had a window-manager that painted the background
blue and if I minimized the virtual-desktop it looked like a desk with a V
on it. I installed all of the window managers now and can't find that one.
(The ugly 95 lookalike window-manager shows up and I try to load others.)

I tried to configure PPP/SLIP (my ISP is IBM). When I try to use minicom
to connect it does make the sound but that is the last thing it does with
the modem, I mean that, I see no CONNECT message nor anything else. I
don't see any prompt from the server even when I try to type something. 

Please help!
Thanks in advance,

Liran Zvibel. 

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