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Re: alt-F7 reassignment


When X starts, it will always locate itself on the next available
virtual terminal.  Since the default is to have six, X gets tty7.
If you end up having 12 tty's as login consoles, X will (presumably)
get the 13th, ttyd.

I have no idea how you would map alt-esc to switch back to X.
However, you can cycle through the tty's by using alt-right_arrow and
alt-left_arrow.  So, the key sequence alt-f1/alt-left_arrow (or I
suppose alt-f12/alt-right_arrow) would get you back to X.

This begs the question:  why would you need 12 login consoles?  =)
hope that helps...


Aaron Brick wrote (Wed, 10 Dec 1997 01:32:49 -0500 (EST) ):
|>I see that in /etc/inittab I can set which ttys correspond to alt-fkeys; I
|>would like to set all 12 of them to correspond to terminals. However, I
|>see no reference in that file to the action associated with alt-F7, which
|>brings up the x window interface. how can i set this action to another
|>key (like alt-esc)?

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