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Re: BIND 8.1.1 and IP aliasing in Linux

> I have several Linux DNS servers, two of which have IP aliases on one
> interface.  Recently I upgraded from BIND 4.9.6 to BIND 8.1.1.  One of the
> subtle problems I have noticed is now the machines that have IP aliases
> don't automatically update a zone when sent a notify by the primary
> server.  Under 4.9.6 they had no problems.

	I've noticed that the debian package for bind 4.9.6 isn't to great
(no offense to whomever made it), so i downloaded bind-4.9.6-REL.tar.gz,
and manually did it myself. I have not and will not goto 8.x until they
resolve a lot of errors. Right now i am quite happy with 4.9.6, it works
as it should, and isn't a hassle what so ever.

	Now to your questions, could you possibly be forgetting to
increment your serial numbers in your databases? If so, that would
possibly explain lack of zone transfers to your secondaries. Also, setting
up a cronjob to pull records is a good idea. I have cron run
named-xfer with the correct parameters every 6 hours on my secondaries to
pull from myself.

	If i haven't been a help sorry =\, else, goo :>

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