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Re: /dev on a ram disk

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > I recall a post some time ago mentioning that putting /dev on a ramdisk
> > would allow laptops to use APM. Does anyone know how this is done? I've
> > never made a ramdisk with linux, and I'm not sure how to replace the /dev
> > dir before anything starts using it...
> Check out the virtual-dev package (in experimental).

Thanks, it worked here but there was still lots of disk activity :<

I went so far as killing everything but network services and going into a
text console and it still ran the disk about every min. <sigh> Sitting
here normally in X without virtual-dev there is a disk io about ever 10
seconds! My poor drive :>

Would the no-atime patch help any?


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