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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

>>"Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <finn@midco.net> writes:

Nathan> Hmm, I'll regret saying this forever I bet :) Many lists like
Nathan> this one have an "FAQ" that gets posted semi-frequently.
Nathan> Anyone ever attempted this?  Are there good reasons for this
Nathan> NOT to happen?  Otherwise, we should accumulate FAQ type
Nathan> questions (and yes, i would consider doing this.  Only because
Nathan> I opened my mouth, not because I know all the answers)

	I have /usr/doc/debian/FAQ/, which has a Debian FAQ in text
 and HTML formats. The document says:

                          The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ

 Susan G. Kleinmann (sgk@debian.org), Sven Rudolph (sr1@inf.tu-dresden.de),
                  and Joost Witteveen (joostje@debian.org)

                                01 May 1997
1.  Meta-questions


1.2.  Where do I get the latest version of this document?

The latest  version of this  document can be viewed  in HTML format  at the
Debian home page ( http://www.debian.org/FAQ/ ) .

It is  also available in HTML,  PostScript, GNU info and  plain text format
at the Debian  FTP Server ( ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/ )  and  any of its
mirrors ( http://www.debian.org/ftplist.html )  in the directory doc/FAQ/.

The  original SGML  files used  to create  this document  are available  in
debian-doc's source  package. The  linuxdoc-sgml package contains  tools to
transform this document into one or  more other formats, as required by the
user:  GNU info files, HTML, LaTeX, TeX .dvi format, and PostScript.


	I'm sure they'd appreciate any help collating additional

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