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Ang>debian-user-digest Digest V97 #1081

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          Angånde:      Ang>debian-user-digest Digest V97 #1081    97-12-03
Hi Debian folks

I have a problem...... don´t we all..
I have a machine with two netcards, eth0 and eth1
eth0 is connected to the internet with ip: 194.16.87.x netmask
This far, every thing works fine, but i want to run this machine as a proxy/ipmasquerade machine, so i want to set up a 192.168.0.X network connected to
eth1, my question is, I suppose many people have solved this already(i haven´t even after reading every ipmaquerade/breidging, u name it how-to)
back to my question, Is there any one who could please post there set up, both for card two(eth1) and for the ipfwadm thingies, I would be most deligthed.
Thanx in advance.
BTW, sorry for my lousy english =)
/Bip Thelin

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