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Core with pthread, libc6, and g++ in child processes..

Richard.Dansereau@EE.UManitoba.CA writes:
 > Any help or suggestions would be appreciated because otherwise
 > I'm stuck and can't continue on with my software development.

The version of g++ that is available at debian isn't thread safe.  It
*is* possible to have it work with threads, but as soon as you include 
something like strings, and especially gnu extensions String and List, 
it will break with a core dump.

The answer is, go to http://www.cygnus.com/egcs and get egcs, which
provides a thread safe c++ environment.  Get the newly released
egcs-1.0 or snapshot egcs-971201, and you're set.  You'll need the
'core' and 'g++', which are about 9Meg, and takes around 4-6hrs to

hope that helps.

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