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crc error


  I had a major crash on my debian this weekend and now I 
  would like to know how would I go about retrieve some of
  the files that I'd like to keep.

  Here is the symptom:
    1) At boot,  I got about 3 line of text printed out.  One
       of which said:  "crc error" and the next line immediately
       said:  "System halt"
    2) I tried to boot with the emergency disk which allowed me
       to boot up the system OK with:
         a) the "/usr" partition not cleanly umount message and
            a force fsck was executed and the e2fsck dump (e2fsck
         b) same as a) with the "/var" partition.
    3) I did an e2fsck manually and still gotten the same dump
       as 2a).
    3) I tried to mount the unclean partition so that I can copy
       some of the files that I'd like to keep and the "cp" also
       crashed with similar message as the "e2fsck" above.

  BTW,  the crashed began when I was using the MySQL with Perl
  script to update the database which is the data that I'd like
  to keep...

  Anyone here can help me out here. Please send suggestion...
  I think that I'm S.O.L. !( at this moment.
         --------------------  Timothy C. Phan (tphan@asl.dl.nec.com)
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