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Re: Bizarre problem.

On Mon, 29 Dec 1997, Timothy Hospedales wrote:

> 	Hey guys! I've got a really *bizarre* problem!!!  When I am using my PPP
> dialup connection, I can use everything on the 'net perfectly. EXECEPT,
> that I cannot access any dialup IP's in my ISP's domain, including my own.
> Any attempt at contacting, using the IPs directly, or via a dyn.ml.org
> domain name, with PING's, or various clients fail.

Do you have your /etc/hosts.deny  and /etc/hosts.allow files set up properly.

> 	My ISP's domain is 196.3.144.*. The first five IP's (, are
> the IPs of my ISP's domain, web, ftp, etc servers. These IP's I can access
> fine. Subsequent IP's (6-about 200) are assigned to dialup accounts, I
> can't access any of these. :(. 

Well, this is good for them. Unless they have allowed certain or all addresses
access to their machines. This is their option, not yours!  :)

> I've got no idea where to start trying to fix this. :(.
> Any ideas at all are appreciated. :).
> Thanx,
> Timothy

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