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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

> >>"Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <finn@midco.net> writes:
> Nathan> Hmm, I'll regret saying this forever I bet :) Many lists like
> Nathan> this one have an "FAQ" that gets posted semi-frequently.
> Nathan> Anyone ever attempted this?  Are there good reasons for this
> Nathan> NOT to happen?  Otherwise, we should accumulate FAQ type
> Nathan> questions (and yes, i would consider doing this.  Only because
> Nathan> I opened my mouth, not because I know all the answers)

I agree that debian documentation should become more accessible, but 
I'm not sure if a faq posted to the mailing list regularly is near 
enough. However, the faq is very useful, and it (or something even more 
useful like the Debian User's Guide, whenever it is completed) deserves 
to be made more accessible.  One good place to find the debian faq or 
user's guide in addition to the mailing list would be to have it 
included in the debian menu system..perhaps a "tk" or lynx interface 
(something simple) ?

A lot of the /usr/doc files are likewise afflicted, and would also 
benefit by being made more accessible..perhaps whatever interface the 
debian document menu system uses to access the faq or user's guide 
could be setup with a link to the other /usr/doc files?

Additionally, a list archive search tool would serve to augment the faq 
and user's guide by dynamically providing the most up to date 
solutions, reducing the volume of the list, the load on those who 
answer the questions, and with debian posed to strike at a broader 
market share, a search engine would serve to aid and abed new debians 
by providing good as mailing list support without having to correctly 
enter the request or wait for the correct response; particularly 
important to new debians who are intimidated, frustrated, or 
overwhelmed, but also invaluable for "mission critical" debians, as 
well as debians who wants to find the response to that question they 
vaguely remember skimming last week sometime.  Doh! :-)


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