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Re: Configuring a pcmcia networkcard


first of all: ThanX!

]First off I'd recommend cat'ing your /proc/module file and seeing if you
]indeed have an entry for your network card.  
nope,.. doesnt seem so:

elif# cat /proc/modules
pcmem_cs    2 0
ds          2 [pcmem_cs] 3
i82365      4 2
pcmcia_core 7 [pcmem_cs ds i82365] 4
serial      8 0
lp          2 0
psaux       1 0
vfat        3 0

]Second, I'd use ifconfig
]<devicename> where devicename is your particular interface (in most
]cases this is eth0) and see if it has any interesting things to say.
hmm,.. eth0 is not existing

]Another thing to consider is this.. there is a file that must be set up
]in the PCMCIA setup that allocates and reserves specific interrupts to
]be used with PCMCIA devices.  You must make sure that the one that is
]being given to your PCMCIA card is free and nothing else is using it.  I
]remember when I set up a Toshiba laptop, I couldn't get either my mouse
]or my ethernet connection working for the longest time.  Until of course
]I went in and edited this particular file and told it NOT to allow
]anything to tie up the interrupt for the ethernet and the built in touch
hmm,.. as far as I now understand whats happening in my computer,.. the
computer loads a pc-memory card instaed of the networkcard,.. hmm no idea
but OK,.. could you tell me, which file I have to edit? and what kind of
syntax it understands?? or where to find some documentary about this?

/usr/doc/pcmcia-cs tells me to edit /etc/pcmcia.conf. Instructions should
be found in the PCMCIA-HOWTO. But where is the howto??

I guess I need (at least) one more "help"-iteration,.. ThanX in advance
Best Regards

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