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Re: couldn't match host name or address

On Mon, 29 Dec 1997, Aaron Walker wrote:

> The problem was:  When I dial into my ISP, I get a prompt that says: host: here I
> type ppp then my username and password.  How would I get it to type ppp? Would I
> just change my ppp.chatscript to say?
> ""                  ATDT7454342
> ppp
> login              amwalker
> password      \qpassword\q

To make this easy look at the left column as what the isp says, and the
right as how you would respond (a column is separated by spaces).  So,
from what you said above, it appears that the isp doesn't give you a login
or password prompt, so it would be:

""           ATDT7454342
host:        ppp
""           amwalker
""           \qpassword\q

Make sense?

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