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Re: [Help!] Somehow, ldd won't use libc5-compat

Benjamin Redelings I wrote:
> Where is this "incoming?"  Is it accessible to everybody, or is it on
> master?

It's on master, but a public mirror of it is
> 	Me too!  I have some sample output below... you can see that ldconfig,
> at least, recognizes that some libs go with libc5 and others with
> libc6.  However, (also below) ldd tries to link EVERYTHING with
> libc6!!!  I can't figure out what setting I could possible modify to fix
> this...

I have a theory... I'll bet you are missing the libc5 comaptability version
of the X libraries. So ld is forced to try to use the libc6 X libraires,
which means it has to link in libc6 too. Do you have xlib6 installed?

see shy jo

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