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[Debian] Winnt NTFS + Debian

Dear all,

I am going to install Window$ NT 4.0, on a partition formatted NTFS, and
the latest Debian version.

	This is my system
BIOS:			American Megatrends
BIOS Category:	IBM PC/AT
BIOS Date:		4 Apr 1993
Bus Type:		VESA
Processor:		i486DX 66MHz
Video Adapter:	VGA Cirrus
Video BIOS Version:	GD5422/5424/5426/5428 VGA BIOS Version 1.30
RAM:			32MB
Cache Memory:		256KB
Hard Disks (#2):	2.5GB EIDE and 0.25GB EIDE
CD Drive:		Sony 2x

I would like to have a 2GB partition, formatted NTFS, on my first and
largest harddisk; the rest of this harddisk and all the 2nd are at Debian's
Now, how am I to format a partition or my 2nd harddisk in order to have
Winnt(NTFS) and Debian live happily together? What multiboot utility do you
suggest that I should use? A multiboot residing inside Window$, inside
Debian, or a third-party one?

Perhaps I should be more patient and wait for Debian 2?


I thank you all in advance and wish you a prosperous New year (altough I
guess it's going to be less prosperous than Bill Gate$'s...).

(Please reply in English, German or French, as you like it).

		R Tonetti, N Italy

     Roberto Tonetti       ***  t o N E T t i . d o c   ***
     via Roma 36/38        I -- 13060 BRUSNENGO (BI) -- Upper Italy

     fax, modem, phone:    +39-15-985488  (GMT +0100)
     Internet e-mail  :    tonetti@biella.alpcom.it
Two mysteries shall remain unexplained forever: death and vulgarity.
                                                         OSCAR WILDE

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