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Re: booting single, writable?

On Sun, Dec 21, 1997 at 03:33:59PM -0800, Ken Gaugler wrote:
> I got a new motherboard and CPU (triton III with a Cyrix PR200MMX) and
> of course there are problems booting now. It looks to me like if I can
> disable XDM, I can get a handle on fixing things up.
> However, booting from a floppy using "emergency root=/dev/hda4" I
> cannot move the XDM inits because the disk is mounted read-only. 
> What is the correct startup method to be able to write/change the hard
> drive?

Once you are logged in with emergency, run

mount -o remount,rw -n /

which will remount / as read-write, and not note this (-n)
in /etc/mtab, which isn't writable yet anyway. Then when you are done
you should

mount -o remount,ro -n /

before continuing with booting (which will expect a read-only 
root partition so it can run fsck) or rebooting. Maybe
run sync a few times for good measure too.

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