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56k voice modem for Debian

Randy Edwards writes:
 > I've got to get a new modem for a Debian machine.  My requirements
 > are that it be one of the Rockwell 56k standard ones, of course, that it
 > do fax, and I'd like it to be able to handle voice.  What I'd really
 > love is to set up a voice mailbox system on my Debian box.
 >    So I was wondering, is there any such software for Debian to allow me
 > to use a voice modem and set up such a mailbox system?  Also, does
 > anyone have any recommendations of particular modems which would meet my
 > specs above?  I'd appreciate any input; thanks in advance.

There are a few of them...

But if you want a good voice mail quality, I'd suggest making your
own. With most packages you need to get acquainted with it, and that
takes a few days, maybe a week.  About the amount of time, it takes to 
make a voice package.  But, you could take a look at mgetty, which
does provide a vgetty program.

In my case, I installed hylafax on my machine, which provides a very
intensive fax functions (even paging).  I also had a modem with a
cirrus sound chip, that doesn't have any software support on Linux, so 
I programmed an 'egetty' (external getty) for hylafax, that grabs the
call if it's a voice but passes it onto hylafax, if it's fax or data.
The modem itself has all functions for voice mail, it's only a
question of communicating with it in the right order, and then put the 
recording in a maildrop.

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