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RE: Apache web editting

On 04-Dec-97 Randy Edwards wrote:
>What techniques do folks use for editting web pages?  I use
>Netscape's Composer for editting and would like to let a couple of users
>edit the files under /var/www.

I like vi for editing my web pages. I'm sure there are lots of people
who prefer emacs/xemacs, and there are editors in Netscape and that
other popular browser.  As long as www has appropriate permissions,
you should be OK.  You don't scan every web page that you install for
security breachs, do you?  So, you'll be no worse off anyway.
>   I've thought about making /var/www group writeable (right now it's
>only group read and executable), but I was worried that may introduce a
>security breach.  Right now I have users edit the files and then
>manually copy them myself, but that's a pain.  Any suggestions on what
>option would be best for this?
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