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Re: 'make config' issues.

Qiang Rao <qrao+@andrew.cmu.edu> writes:

> And also one more thing, you said you can get the mouse to work, there
> might be a very simple solution to this. On some linux distributions,
> the mouse link is not setup correctly. To check this:
> "cd /dev"
> "ls -l mouse"
> this will tell you if you have the mouse linked to the right device. If
> you have a serial mouse on COM1 in dos, you want this file to link to
> /dev/cua0.

Actually you want /dev/ttyS0.  The /dev/cua0 devices are obsolete and
might go away sometime.  I prefer to set the mouse directly to the
port it's on, so when I run gpmconfig I say "/dev/psaux" (a PS/2 bus
mouse) for "Where is your mouse?", then "ps2" for "What type is your
mouse?".  (If I start using a different mouse port, it will probably
have a different protocol anyway.)

I've put "auto" in /etc/modules, and the psaux driver module gets
loaded automatically.

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