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Re: Apache web editting

Randy Edwards wrote:
> What techniques do folks use for editting web pages?  I use
> Netscape's Composer for editting and would like to let a couple of users
> edit the files under /var/www.
>    I've thought about making /var/www group writeable (right now it's
> only group read and executable), but I was worried that may introduce a
> security breach.  Right now I have users edit the files and then
> manually copy them myself, but that's a pain.  Any suggestions on what
> option would be best for this?

Sure.  Just create a new group called (for-instance) 'webguys', and add
those users to it.  Then from inside the /var directory type 'chown -R
root.webguys www'.

If this is not your question then let me get fuzzy on ya.  There is no
better way to secure a web document heirarchy than to create special
directories underneath the root directory owned by the user you wish to
have permission to rwx there (make sure you chown the directory to that
user or else even though anything that's in there will belong to them,
they may not have the ability to add more).

I think the basic issue comes down to one of trust.  If you can trust a
user enough to add him to a general group of "Web Jockeys" allowed to
rwx in the /var/www directory, do so.  If not, try the second option. 
If it is NOT essential for them to store their files there at all, just
have them put everything in a 'public-html' directory off of their home
directories, and access them in the url with
'http://(yourhost)/~(username)/'.  Apache already has a provision for

Hope this helps.

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