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Re: changing group IDs

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Ferenc Kiraly wrote:

> Would anything brake if I changed the ID of group 'disk' to 8
> and the ID of group 'mail' to 6. Of course, I would make sure
> all the files get their ID's changed as well.

I wouldn't.  GID's of mail programs are probably hard coded into the tar
file (in the deb).  This would mean a bunch of sgid disk programs instead
of mail after you upgrade your mail deliverly software.

> I already posted this question once, but got no answer. Should
> I be asking questions like this on a different list?

This is the right list.  It's just that many of us miss questions when we
get busy.  Another option may be to ask on irc (at irc.debian.org).  The
audience is usually smaller, but you have a better chance of getting an
answer (if people are awake that is).


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