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Re: crypting a whole filesystem or directory?

On Thu, 27 Nov 1997, Kevin Traas wrote:

> >> Is there a way to crypt a whole e2-filesystem or at least a whole
> >> directories? Or is there any other way to overcome this?
> >
> >Yes there is.  Whether or not Debian has a package for this yet I do not
> >know, however here is an address that should answer some questions:
> >
> >http://www.aoy.com/Linux/Security/Linux-Security-FAQ/CFS-Doc.html
> There's also: http://edu-gw.dia.unisa.it/tcfs/   The Transparent
> CryptoGraphic File System....
> Later,
> Kevin Traas

For a kernel level encryption system check out:


It looks like this is no longer supported by the authors since
the patches are for linux-2.0.11.  I have created a set of
patches for 2.0.27 - 2.0.32.  I did some testing for 27-30
but I have not even compiled 2.0.31 or 2.0.32.  At the moment
I am having some reliability problems with my motherboard
and I don't want to mess with encrypted filesystems until
I resolve my hardware problems.

John Kuhn

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