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RE: [semi-off-topic:-] Reasons for Debian/Linux over FreeBSD

Lets put it like this.

I tried installing FreeBSD, but gave up because the install routine was buggy and plainly didn't work at points (this was to allow installs over a PPP link).

Debian had a straight-forward FAQ with "d/l this, this and this. If you have one of these then you will need this" It installed straightaway giving me a stable working Linux environment and once I'd sorted my PPP connection out has installed all the packages from the main group easily and without trouble.

The support here has been helpful, to the point and useful, so I'm a happy new Debian user.

Hope this helps.

Ian W

I was wondering what sort of arguments folks would give for selecting
Linux over FreeBSD.  This is for a production server in an educational
environment.  The arguments used against Linux were that it was buggy
and goes through too many changes.  I, of course, countered those to a
degree and my main point of advocacy was that Linux works on a wider
variety of hardware.  However, I felt I did an inadequate job; any other
arguments that folks would've used in such a situation?  Please feel
free to reply via e-mail; thanks in advance.

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