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Re: bogus SYN flood?

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Jason Wright wrote:
> I came home to find my workstation thrashing - errors are appended to this
> message.  Kerneld was consuming over 50meg of memory, so I bounced it,
> which seems to have cleared the problem up.

I saw exactly the same warnings on my Linux box three days ago (running
debian-unstable at the latest level, with Debian kernel 2.0.30-9
replaced by my own self-made 2.0.32 kernel).  The box became more and
more slow, and eventually did not respond at all. I had to press on the
reset button :/

Dec  3 21:41:17 demon kernel: Warning: possible SYN flood from on  Sending cookies. 
Dec  3 21:41:22 demon kernel: validated probe(,, 536524169) 
Dec  3 21:41:39 demon kernel: validated probe(,, -1494314061) 
Dec  3 21:42:11 demon kernel: validated probe(,, -1224464230) 

(and so on until crash)


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