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auth and wu-ftpd

I have a problem that I'm sure is documented in an FM somewhere, but I
can't find it.

Here's the deal ... we run a Cisco PIX proxy server here, a few BSDI
servers, and we're in the process of migrating to Linux.  However, my
workstation (Win NT) is behind the proxy server ... when I ftp to the
BSDI box, it works fine.  When I ftp to the Linux box (running Debian
unstable) the connection hangs.  (This happened when the Linux box was
running stable, too).  A 'netstat' on the Linux box shows that the
'auth' service has opened a socket ("SYN_SENT") to the client.  However,
that Cisco PIX is fairly paranoid and doesn't allow incoming connections
to clients ... so it drops all those auth packets, and I can't ftp to
the Linux box.

This blows.  I don't see an advantage to sending auth packets to
machines that, for the most part, will be PCs running Windows.  How do I
fix this?

I've read the man page for wu-ftpd.  I've edited inetd.conf so that ftp
doesn't run through the tcpd wrapper.  Do I need to recompile wu-ftpd?
I see no command line and/or conffile directives to enable/disable

Any ideas?

Nathan Norman
MidcoNet - 410 South Phillips Avenue - Sioux Falls, SD  57104
phone: (605) 334-4454 fax: (605) 335-1173
mailto://nnorman@midco.net http://www.midco.net
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