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Re: BS in rxvt+ncurses

>>"Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <finn@midco.net> writes:

Nathan> Hmm, I'll regret saying this forever I bet :) Many lists like
Nathan> this one have an "FAQ" that gets posted semi-frequently.
Nathan> Anyone ever attempted this?  Are there good reasons for this
Nathan> NOT to happen?  Otherwise, we should accumulate FAQ type
Nathan> questions (and yes, i would consider doing this.  Only because
Nathan> I opened my mouth, not because I know all the answers)

Manoj> [Points out the debian FAQ]

Nathan> Umhmm, sure, it's a nice document.  Sometimes helpful, too,
Nathan> assuming one can find the latest version.  However, checking
Nathan> www.us.debian.org just now, and pulling up the Debian FAQ
Nathan> yields "28 December 1996".  Nowhere near as fresh as your "01
Nathan> May 1997".  I know it's from the package ... but let's face
Nathan> it, the deb package containing the FAQ isn't real useful to
Nathan> someone pondering/attempting a fresh Debian install.

	Touché. (or is it Touchè?)

Nathan> I guess my point was this: would it be helpful to either post
Nathan> that document to this list periodically (or at least to the
Nathan> newsgroup), and/or periodically post a message stating "The
Nathan> newest Debian FAQ can be found at http://.... , The Debian
Nathan> Project has scads of cool goodies at http://.... , etc. as the
Nathan> problem seems to be a lack of knowledge as to where such
Nathan> information may be obtained.

	I think that would be useful. Also useful might be a kind soul
 who could look through the archive of the debian-user mailing list
 and cull frequently asked questions and answers; and see if the FAQ
 needs to be updated. I'm sure that the FAQ maintainers would
 appreciate all help in this regard, and this maybe a cool way of
 helping the project.


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