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Re: [SOLVED] Annoying boot-up messages

> > > Bingo! I had added a custom keymap. Added the appropriate lines to
> > > "boot.dpkg-new", mv'ed it to "boot", rebooted, and Voila!  Thanks much.
> > > 
> > FYI, normaly you only have to change /etc/kbd/default.map. No need to
> > change /etc/init.d/boot.
> > 
> Ahhh, but I'm a relative newbie to Linux and to bash, so I let
> /etc/init.d/boot load the default keymap first, and then my custom keymap
> so if I screwed up the change to the script at least I'd have a usable

For this sort of stuff, create a file /etc/rc.boot/local and throw
whatever you want in there.  It will get run as part of the bootup
process, will get run only once, and won't get overwritten when you
upgrade your box.

In ours I set the keyboard speed and rewrite /etc/issue to put the
current kernel version in the login prompt.

Pete Harlan

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