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100% cpu usage by hwC0D0, amd & usb 2.0-crw 4 port LAN card for Debian Squeeze or higher 8 port serial PCI card on squeeze administration of initscripts Alsa sounds too low alternative email clients (was ... Re: Dist-upgrade or upgrade. Which?) apt-get can not find debian package in cdrom asus p9x79 pro: headphone does not mute speakers automounting /dev/mqueue Re: [Auto-Reply] Re: Description AW: Scripts that should run on different distros - Was: SOLVED]Re: Squeeze X86 with 4GByte RAM? Bluetooth and Wifi interfering each other? Booting Wheezy Install on Software Raid 6 BTRFS Kernel Panic Re: Can not get fan control going in wheezy. Any help appreciated can someone replicate this cut and paste bug? cd ISO with automatic ssh statup Channel Bonding Problem. check against and extract info from .changes re: checkrestart results chess on fics [closed] MICROSOFT HIRED THESE PEOPLE TO SABOTAGE OPEN SOURCE cmake dependency error while compiling darktable (glib2.0 too old) compile audacious error connect directly to another computer bypassing firewalls using a third server connexion problem to thin client Re: console mode Continued problems with Canon 110 scanner Contratacion, Despido, Finiquito y Liquidacion copy onto cifs-utils samba mount maxes out at 100KiB/s on 100Mib/s eth link Data Archiving Re: dbus dbus - Was: A thread that shouldn't be mentioned anymore dcut: who does run the .commands files ? debian-6.0.7-amd64 how to set resolution and refresh for free NVIDIA X drivers? debian 6.0.7 amd64 raid0 lvm crypt - bootloader issue [Debian installer] Problem with umounting hd-media Fwd: Debian joins Free & Open Source Software Outreach Program for Women Debian on recent MacBooks Debian + UEFI + Install w/ USB Key Debian Wheezy - Kernel 3.2.X - Broadcom 57766 driver support debian wiki's mirror /dev/dsp diparait souvent et... /dev/random vs /dev/urandom differences between installs affecting hardware Dist-upgrade or upgrade. Which? Re: Dist-upgrade or upgrade. Which? Don't do that! a dovecot TTY dpkg Re: dpkg --clear-selections seems to empty most of the packages on my system ugh Re: DPMS Config File dual-boot: writing to windows partition? Eee PC freeze on wakeup Equivalent of --append-to-version for deb-pkg ? Error kobject_add_internal failed for threshold_bank (Squeeze 6.0.7) /etc/network/interfaces config example for 3g (telstra Bigpond Elite USB Sierra Wireless USB 308 modem)?? Exim4 tuning on Debian squeeze Finding a working udev rule for a device Fixing a half-configured package freeradius-dialupadmin not working gdm does not start; lost networking Globel-Menu in Wheezy [gnome2] disable suspend/hiberante from menu buttons gnome3 mouse issues? Gnome Clock " google chrome has stopped updating and no longer supports this version of your O.S." Growing md0 by larger disk - which is best method. Gsoc 2013 Guvcview Sound Problem gvfs-* from shell RE: Having troublh working out how to STOP monitor detection. HELP: debian installer preseed network configuration. Highlighting CLI output: what are these terms called? Re: Highlighting CLI output: what are these terms called? A home directory on removeable storage ... How do I list installed packages? How to create a i386 deb from rpm on an amd64 system How to forward serial devices' input to X? How to get Debian live running from flash with persistence How to install Debian in such a situation Re: how to properly add a dns server Re: HP NC380T Dual Port PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Card (374443-001) in Debian huawei e169 +asterisk Image viewer with geotagging support Information not on relavant man page - where to find on WEB? INN2 and Authentication. Install debian from scratch and keep a home partition RE: Installer not reading preseed.cfg Install package hang Internet with Debian Re: Introductory reading on firewall/iptables/etc for new Debian user? Introductory reading on firewall/iptables/etc for new Debian user? The last update was on 17:36 GMT Wed May 01. There are 1413 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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