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Re: dbus - Was: A thread that shouldn't be mentioned anymore

Too funny, under the jokes is one, asking to merge it with dbus.

"Udev and systemd to merge
Posted Apr 3, 2012 22:31 UTC
Next step is of course to integrate D-Bus in systemd, no?"

On Tue, 2013-04-09 at 09:32 -1000, Joel Roth wrote:
> https://lwn.net/Articles/490413/

I don't know if systemd and udev still can be easily separated. I don't
think so.

Does anybody know?

I guess what does cause all that frustration is, that nobody can follow
all those new changes and instead of maintaining one project, they (or
we, the community) too often drop and replaced projects.

Btw. does Debian still auto-mount to /media or did it also adapt the new
file system hierarchy?

I guess regarding to DBus everything was said?

DBus isn't a problem per se, it just can cause issues, when implemented
without thinking about the needs of all users?

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