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Re: 8 port serial PCI card on squeeze

Hi there

ML mail wrote:

Thanks for your help. So to answer your question of where I added the 8250 kernel parameters, that would be in /etc/default/grub file in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX variable.

With your hints I was now able to find out that somehow my machine (a Soekris net6501-30 board) has one console serial port and 4 additional unused (no cables or plugs) serial ports.

According the documentation I found it has two: One DB9 and one IDC10.
It may have additional but not fully used hardware.

So this means I had to use the "13" parameter to the 8250.runtime_uarts and 8250.nr_uarts kernel boot config options. Now I can see all my ports but the order is somehow mixed up :( have a look here at the output of /proc/tty/driver/serial :

0: uart:TI16750 port:000003F8 irq:4 tx:2608 rx:0 RTS|DTR
1: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001A00 irq:19 tx:11 rx:0 RTS|DTR
2: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001C00 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
3: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001E00 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
4: uart:16550A port:00001040 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
5: uart:16550A port:00001048 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
6: uart:16550A port:00001050 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
7: uart:16550A port:00001058 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
8: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001000 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
9: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001200 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
10: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001400 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
11: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001600 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0
12: uart:16C950/954 mmio:0xA5001800 irq:19 tx:0 rx:0

So 0 is the serial console port (ttyS0) then 1-3 are 3 ports of my serial card, 4-7 are then 4 serial ports from the net6501-30 mainboard and finally 8-12 are the rest 5 ports of my serial port card. As you can see it's a big mess and I don't understand how my 8 port serial card gets splitted like that. Any clues how to bring some order here?

I guess it's the PCI discovery order. It may change with PCI slot used and kernel version.

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