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Re: How to install Debian in such a situation

> You can get a HDD to USB adapter and attach the hard disk to a working
> PC, then use debootstrap to install debian onto that HDD (you will
> need to format it to your desire first).

Yes, I have another PC installed Debian and a HDD to USB adapter.

> If you aren't sure of what you're doing, this will be a steep learning
> curve, but is very doable. Just require a little persistence and may
> be a few tries before you get there...
> If the machine is too old, you will need an older Debian (for network
> and possibly other drivers) if those drivers are not available in most
> recent kernels.
> What CPU does this PC have? How much memory?
CPU is Pentium 4 with 256M memory.

> Once you've debootstrapped the HDD using a working PC, then you can
> plug it back in to the old PC.

I've used debootstrap before, merely installed a small debian in a
directory.  I want to boot from the new HDD, so I have to install
grub.  When and how to install grub?

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