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Re: connect directly to another computer bypassing firewalls using a third server


What you want to do is possible.  In particular, skype and bittorrent do it.

As I understand it, they make use of a server with a public IP address.  I'm not going to get it exactly right, but the general idea is this:

Two clients, A and B, both behind NAT firewalls.  Server, S, with a public IP, i.e. *not* behind NAT.

A calls S and says I want to talk to B.  (This is possible because the call is originated inside A's NAT)
At approximately the same time, B calls S and says I'm willing to talk to A. (Possible because call is originated inside B's NAT)

Server tells each of A and B (over the connections each of them have open with S) in exactly 1 second (or whenever) from receiving this packet, try to open a connection to your opposite number on port 40000 (or whatever).

With luck, each NAT will receive and act upon the outgoing request to setup the connection *before* it receives the incoming request.  So by the time the incoming request is received, the channel will be open and ready to receive.

If it doesn't work the first time, try again with slightly different timing.

Keep trying until it does work -- or you get tired and quit.

The result is a direct connection between A and B, which *both* NATs see as having been started from inside.

The server, S, is only involved for a brief time at the beginning.

Other than skype and bittorrent, I'm not aware of any packages that do this.  Neither of them are directly useful for your purposes.

It's possible that nat-traverse is a general purpose implementation of this trick, but I haven't read the documentation, so I can't say for sure.



On Apr 18, 2013, at 2:18 PM, alberto fuentes wrote:

> Its a long shot because i can really picture how could it work
> I know I can connect using the third server, but I just want to use the server to establish the connection
> Any ideas :)

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