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Re: A home directory on removeable storage ...

Am Mittwoch, 10. April 2013 schrieb peasthope@shaw.ca:
> ... is possible.  I understand the concept of mounting
> the filesystem.
> Additionally there can be a backup home directory which
> stays with the machine, on a hdd for example.  I imagine
> that when the machine powers up without the removeable
> storage, the backup home directory is instated.  When
> the removeable storage is connected, the backup is
> remounted as another directory in /home and the removeable
> is mounted as the home.
> So for example, without the removeable present /home/peter
> is on the hdd.  With the removeable present, /home/peter
> is on that and the hdd is /home/peter.bak with the same
> ownership and privilages as /home/peter.  With udev, it
> might be accomplished with one or two scripts.
> This can't be an original idea.  Is it available?

If you mount a new filesystem onto an mount point of an already mounted 
filesystem, processes which have their current working directory within the 
mount point will not recognize the change. The Linux kernel doesn´t take the 
original filesystem away from these processes unless the change their 
directory to outside of the mount point and then inside of it again.

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