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Re: dpkg

Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> I *think* all backports packages have a version with 'bpo' in the version
> string. Therefore, the following should be close to correct (if I'm right,
> there will be no omissions, but there may be false positives):
>     $ COLUMNS=255 dpkg -l | tail -n +6 | awk '{if ($3~/bpo/) print $2 }'

That works.  I also like:

  # apt-get install apt-show-versions

  $ apt-show-versions | grep /squeeze-backports
  iceweasel/squeeze-backports uptodate 20.0-1~bpo60+1

  $ apt-show-versions | grep -v -e uptodate
  ...useful interesting info...

Useful option that I never remember when typing them in and just use
awk to pick the field out instead.

       -b, --brief
           Print only package_name/distribution for upgradeable packages


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