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Re: How to install Debian in such a situation

Buy a dvd burner, not blue ray either and replace that cdrom in the old 
computer.  It should cost less than the new hard drive or about the same 
amount of money to do that. On Mon, 15 Apr 2013, Yuwen Dai wrote:

> Dear all,
> I've a very old PC with an old Debian installed.  Recently I found the hard
> disk has some bad sectors, sometime the file system will be mounted as read
> only.  I bought a new hard disk and downloaded Debian testing version, then
> I found the CD-ROM is broken,  it can not boot from the CD-ROM.  The old PC
>   can not boot from USB disk either.  How to install the new Debian on the
> new hard disk?
> Best regards,
> Yuwen

jude <jdashiel@shellworld.net>
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