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Re: Debian + UEFI + Install w/ USB Key

On 21/04/13 01:50 PM, Fran R. Guerrero wrote:
Hi list,

I'm building my new system and I'm wishing to install Debian on it. It's reasonably new and the motherboard has this UEFI thing that pisses lots of people around. I'm no exception.

I tried to install Debian Wheezy with a USB key, using the 'dd' way but, even trying different versions of the installer, I always got a "Insert boot media" message when trying to boot from the USB with (at least in theory) Debian installer on it.

I have a laptop with Ubuntu installed and could manage to make a USB startup disk with its own utility (in the same key as I tried to put Debian on) and it boots OK and even lets me install Ubuntu 12.10 with no problems and boots in just 15 seconds (it is installed on a SSD drive).

I read about the new Debian 7 installer solving some issues with UEFI hardware, but I think the problem of not booting the installer relies on the 'dd way' of setting up the USB key, because Ubuntu's tool at the end installs a bootloader and a persistent partition if you wish.

Anybody has any tip on how to correctly make a USB install working (booting, at least) on a UEFI motherboard*? Any issues with the current installer to take into account with UEFI, partition tables and so on?

Many thanks in advance for your time!

Kind regards,

* the motherboard itself is an Asrock Z77 Extreme4-M, with no possibility of getting a BIOS 'downgrade'.

I'm not sure if dd actually works to produce a bootable USB stick. I note for example that systemrescuecd doesn't do that. It uses syslinux to put Linux onto the stick and has another program called install-mbr to create an MBR.

unetbootin also doesn't just dd something to the key. Have you tried using it to create a bootable USB stick with your favourite distro?

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