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Re: Fixing a half-configured package

Hello sirquijote

Excerpt from sirquijote@lavabit.com:

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> The usercommands script is just a simple one-liner that I inserted to turn
> off my laptop's screen on boot, just before login:
>>> CODE<<
> #! /bin/sh
> # /etc/init.d/usercommands
> #
> # Turn off the display on boot
> vbetool dpms off
> exit 0
>>> \CODE<<
> That's all it does.  Is there some way I can re-implement that command to
> avoid having to learn how to use LSB tags?  That skeleton file is just
> gobbledy-gook to me, and I'm already troubleshooting Netatalk 3 it is.

You can use '/etc/rc.local' for this purpose. It is there for exactly such
things. Just put your command(s) in there but keep the last line 'exit 0' as
last line intact.


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