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Re: can someone replicate this cut and paste bug?

I can confirm your observation!

the following applications have the same behaviour:
evince, xpdf and pdftotext.  they all translate the text:
"particle size between 200-500 µm before"
"particle size between 200–500 mm before"


On Tue, 30 Apr 2013, songbird wrote:

 when cutting and pasting from evince
to a terminal the process is translating
a "um" into a "mm"  which is a signifcant
change for a technical document.

 the source document used was downloaded from:


 search for the phrase

"particle size between 200–500 um"

 and copy and paste it to any text terminal,
vi'd document, or even LibreOffice doc.  all
do the same thing and translate it from um to

 so if someone can replicate this it would
help.  if not, then i'd be stumped because
i have no familiarity with cut and paste

 thanks much,


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