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Re: can someone replicate this cut and paste bug?

On Tue 30 Apr 2013 at 06:42:33 -0400, songbird wrote:

>   i don't have access to the original document
> other than the link posted above.

Bceause I've snipped a bit, it is


>   i hope it doesn't happen in other documents as 
> i think scientific people who are copying and 
> pasting from PDF docs may be in for a rather rude 
> mistranslation of units.

This would depend on the quality of the PDF. There are plenty about
which have SI units in them for you to test.

>   would the debian-med folks be better at hunting
> this down?

Why? They have no more access to the PDF or original document than you
or I have.

>   i can verify that in the Times New Roman font i'm
> using in Libreoffice that when i paste a µ into it
> that it does work correctly, but when i hit return
> at the end of the line it translates the initial µ
> into a capital M.  this happens on the first line
> on the page only.  after that line the µ's work 
> correctly.
>   this is just odd...  ok, i give up for now, but if
> someone can point this to a scientific text document
> person (maybe debian-med or debian-edu) who copies and
> pastes a lot that would be good as then they could be 
> made aware some kind of strange effect is going on.
> i need to get some sleep.  :)

The 'strange effect' has nothing to do with the tools you are using. The
only person who can do anything about it is the author.

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