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Re: Eee PC freeze on wakeup

Le 05.04.2013 22:04, Aidan Gauland a écrit :
I am running Debian squeeze on a Eee PC 1015B. I can sleep the system
with pm-suspend, but when I wake it up, I get a blank screen, the OS
doesn't seem to be coming back *at all* (i.e. the machine just freezes on
wake up), since I get nothing on netconsole when I wake it up.

I remember being able to volontarily cause some freeze when I use hibernation and change the wireless link's state between hibernate and power-on (when I use a eee-pc 1015 PEM), so, have you same results if you just avoid loading wireless modules?

Also, someone asked me to try a ssh connection when the computer is frozen, to know if it is only related to Xorg or not. I did not by lack of time, and now am stuck with an ethernet connector near out of order (so the test became hard or impossible to do... stupid me).
Maybe this could give you some more hints about where the problem is?

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