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debian-6.0.7-amd64 how to set resolution and refresh for free NVIDIA X drivers?


I have an Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard with integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150 graphics and a fresh install of debian-6.0.7-amd64, XFCE desktop, and xdm display manager. The display seems to be running at 1024x768 @ 60 Hz.

I booted in recovery mode and ran:

    # Xorg -configure

which created /root/xorg.conf.new. But when I try to use that file, X hangs when starting.

I have used the proprietary NVIDIA driver in the past, but would like to use the free Debian drivers instead.

1. I can determine the current resolution and refresh via Start -> System -> Preferences -> Monitors, but I cannot change those settings.

2. How do I determine the current color depth (e.g. 8/16/24 bits per pixel)?

3. How do I change the display settings -- resolution, refresh, color depth?



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